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Sugarcraft Supplies & Cake Decorating Equipment. Buy On-line Today. A Comprehensive Range Of Essentials For All Your Cake Decorating Need But Did You Check eBay? Find Great Deals On eBay. Check Out Great Brands On eBay. Find It On eBay Learn how to cover cakes with my basic fondant techniques using LMF fondantFull recipe on the blog: https://sugargeekshow.com/recipe/fondant-recipe If you find the sides of your fondant are not sticking to the cake, dip the fingers of one hand in a small amount of water and rub your fingers over the inside of the fondant as you lift the sides. Gently press to the cake with your dry hand. Use the smoother to help ensure the fondant has adhered to the top and sides of the cake Stay Sweet, SUBSCRIBE: http://s.wilton.com/10vmhuv There are several ways to apply fondant decorations on a cake, cookies or other sweet treats. Watch and le..

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Easy and quick way to take your fondant skills to the next level! Read description for full directions. Don't forget you can pause the video to read the co.. Cover the cake with a thin layer of buttercream using a palette knife. The buttercream will help the fondant stick to the cake, so make sure to get the top and sides of the cake. Try to get the surface as smooth as possible, as any bumps will show To apply fondant decorations to a dry surface like a cookie or crusted buttercream, you will need clear Piping Gel. Use a decorator brush to paint a thin layer of Piping Gel on the fondant and gently press it to the buttercream or cookie surface. Use this technique with alphabet cutters to make monogrammed cake toppers Ever wonder how to use Gold Leaf on your delicious creations? In this video I will demonstrate how I apply gold leaf to a fondant cake. You also get to see m..

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How to Attach Fondant Flowers to Fondant Cake. Part of the series: Cake Decorations. You can attach fondant flowers to fondant cake either by creating them d.. Before applying fondant , a sticky surface should be applied to the cake which will help the fondant adhere to it. Many spread a thin layer of buttercream before laying out the fondant . Use royal icing to adhere fondant pieces to a rolled fondant iced cake and for the fine decorating commonly used on wedding cakes Or, dissolve a small piece of gumpaste in some hot water. Or, if you have gumpaste mix, dissolve a little of that in some water. Less is more with gum glue. You want it tacky, so just a smear is all you need. If you apply too much, it will be slippery and your pieces will slide off

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When decorating a cake with fondant, you cannot simply attach or drape fondant over it. You need something that will act like a glue to help the fondant stick to the cake. Usually, spreading a thin layer of buttercream will do. You will also need to use royal icing to adhere fondant pieces to the rolled fondant draped over the cake Paint some vodka or water onto the top of the cake. Roll out a small piece of the fondant, aiming for a thickness of 3-4mm. Place it onto the top of the cake, smoothing out any air bubbles. Give it a rub with a fondant smoothe Applying buttercream to a dummy cake is a way to make fondant stick to the surface, but the buttercream must be completely smooth so the fondant doesn't show imperfections. Frosting a Styrofoam cake is difficult since it's lightweight and will move as you apply the buttercream. Use a glue gun to attach the cake dummy to a plate or weighted surface Stay Sweet, SUBSCRIBE: http://s.wilton.com/10vmhuvWatch the updated video here: http://bit.ly/2KV81pQ Learn how to cover a round cake with fondant to create. sillyoldpoohbear Posted 6 Sep 2009 , 12:05pm. post #4 of 22. I usually paint a thin layer of jam/jelly on the cupcake before putting my fondant on. I find it adds to the taste & keeps the cupcake moist too. I do usually boil the jam first, like you would when marzipanning a cake. I find it also thins the jam out & makes it easier to apply

What I do is cut my fondant out while the cookies are baking so I am ready when they come out. Once baked, I give them two minutes to cool, then top with the rbc. The fondant melts to the cookie and you are all set to go Make sure your cake is very close by. Using your rolling pin,( i.e., roll about a quarter of the fondant onto the pin) lift the fondant and drape it gently onto your cake. Using your hands, fit the fondant on the cake, lifting and draping, not pulling. Using the the side of your hands, tuck the fondant at the base of the cake The whole idea of icing the cake w/b'cream is to make a sticky surface for the fondant to adhere to so you don't want to let it crust before applying the fondant. You could use piping gel; any jam; or b'cream to make the cake sticky for applying fondant. As you have found doing this on a cold cake is not the way to go. Keep the cake at room temp This 3 part video series shows you how. Quick and easy way to make your ganache in the microwave. This video was originally shared by rylan in Cake Forums › Cake Decorating › Working with ganache and smoothing a cake TUTORIAL VIDEOS

Dust liberally with cornflour or icing sugar. Knead fondant icing for a couple of minutes to soften, or pop it in the microwave for 10 seconds. Flip the smooth side to the top, then roll it out to fit the cake, using the string for guidance. Lift the icing using a rolling pin or your hands; drape it over the top of the cake Step 3. Meanwhile, roll out a piece of fondant wide enough to wrap around your cake and tall enough to cover it with a little to spare. Use a ruler to measure and cut your fondant into a rectangle the correct size for your cake. Make sure the bottom of your panel is nice and straight for the bottom of the cake

I do mainly buttercream cakes and fondant decorations on them. I've had no problems. If the fondant pieces are dry, you'd need to attach them with buttercream or glue, etc. If the fondant pieces are't dried, then just add a little water to the back. They'll stick just fine Sep 4, 2015 - How to apply wafer paper to the sides of a cake. In this tutorial I experimented with some different base layers including buttercream, fondant, and candy cl.. Dec 21, 2016 - Explore Betty Roopnarine's board How to Make cakes on Pinterest. See more ideas about cupcake cakes, cake decorating, how to make cake

Check Out our Selection & Order Now. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Orders Drape the Fondant Over the Cake. Elizabeth LaBau. Quickly lift the rolling pin and place it next to the side of the cake. Start unrolling the fondant from the pin until it hangs just below the bottom edge of the cake. Continue unrolling the fondant across the top of the cake to the other side

Fondant cakes can be kept out at room temperature for 3 to 4 days and do not need to be kept in the fridge or frozen. You can also put fondant cakes with perishable fillings in the fridge. Of course, always bring the cake to room temperature before serving. Since room temperature cakes taste better than cold chilled cakes How to prep and execute a basic fondant cake. You will need: 1. Cake - Can use box cake from the grocery store, in this Instructable I made 2 8 round cakes 2. Fondant 3. Fondant rolling pin 4. Various cookie cutters 5. Icing - This icing is butter cream from Publix 6. Cake Leveler 7. Pizza Cutter and/or Fondant Cutter 8. Fondant Ma

As soon as your cake is ready to go, get that fondant moving. Here are some instructions for rolling out fondant and covering your cake.. While you're rolling out the fondant, keep the cake in the fridge: Applying fondant to a solid, chilled cake is a far easier endeavor than trying to cover one that's warmed up and squishy 2. Roll out the fondant. Flour your surface and gently push the fondant down, making it the shape of a pancake. Use a rolling pan to make the fondant stretch until thin. Avoid rolling too much, however, because the fondant will tear when being added on the cake Stretch fondant easily so there are only creases hanging past the bottom of the cake board and none above the cake board. Your fondant should go past your cake board. The larger the piece of fondant, the easier it is to smooth. Fondant that barely covers the edges of the cake will most likely wrinkle and be hard to smooth Center the fondant and drape it over the cake. You can either do this by picking the sheet of fondant up. Or using the mat and flipping it with the fondant to apply it to the cake. 12. from the top of the cake, start to smooth the sides down. A fondant paddle works wonders to even out any bumps Step 3: Carefully lift your gold leaf by holding each top corner and gently bring it to your cake and lay it down (or press it onto) your water painted surface. The water will keep the edible gold leaf adhered to the fondant covering of your cake. Remember that if you want to achieve a more smooth look opt for gold leaf that comes attached to.

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Various frostings can be used such as buttercream, store bought frosting, icings, fondant, whipped cream or non-dairy topping, fudge, chocolate and even frozen ice cream cakes. Buttercream and fondant will produce the best results, whipped cream or non-dairy topping can cause image to fade a bit if left in the refrigerator overnight; the. Keep finished cakes refrigerated to extend shelf life. Rolled Fondant / Sugar Paste. Apply fondant or sugar paste as directed. Plan where you will lay the Edible Picture. Then, with a small paintbrush, apply a generous brushing of plain water, but only where your image will lay and then apply your image to this area To apply it, you will simply drape the fondant over the cake so it's hanging off on the sides. Then, flatten it out on the top and sides of the cake until it's perfectly smooth. Then, cut the excess off the bottom of the cake to finish this! You can also make a ribbon with these by cutting different colors into small strips and draping them. 1. Trace around a cake board onto a piece of parchment paper and cut the circle out with scissors about 1/4 inch smaller than the traced line. 2. Apply a small amount of ganache to the right side of the cake board (this will be the white side if using cardboard boards) and center the parchment circle on the cake board How to Apply Fondant to a Square Cake (and How to achieve Sharp Edges!)~ Video. In this tutorial, I will show you how to cover a square cake with fondant. Not only will you learn the basics of smoothing fondant over the corners of your cake, but you will also learn a method of smoothing that will sharpen and define your edges for a sleek look . .

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  1. Turn the cupcake right side up and, using your fingers, smooth out the fondant around the entire surface of the cupcake. Ensure the fondant covers the perimeter of the cupcake evenly. Tips: Smooth: For help with smoothing out the fondant over the cupcake, use a bit of vegetable shortening (also helps to avoid tears) and a fondant smoother
  2. How To Cover Your Cake in Fondant or Rolled Buttercream By Jackie. Follow these steps for easy application of rolled fondant or rolled buttercream. This can also be done using rolled buttercream icing..
  3. Edible images are a tasty and easy way to add impressive decoration to a cake, but the icing sugar paper they are printed on to can sometimes be a bit tricky to work with. Edible images can be applied to buttercream or fondant. We recommend applying the edible images to fondant for best results
  4. I would estimate the time spent on this cake as: Shopping for supplies- 1 hr Baking 3 cakes- 2 hrs Crumb and top coat- 1.5 hrs fondant covering- 1.5 hr leaf decorations- 2 hrs tinkerbell image- 3 hrs stacking- 1 hr Thats a total of aprox 12 hrs over 3 days (This did not count freezer time) Make sure you plan far enough ahead
  5. Pour about a 1/4 tsp. (1.25 ml) of dusting powder into a small bowl or cup. Do this carefully and try not to breathe or inhale the powder. Use a small paintbrush, the kind used by artists, to mix the powder in the bowl or cup with a few drops of a clear alcoholic spirit or flavor extract
  6. Buttercream. Coating a cake with buttercream frosting is the most common choice for decorators and may be the simplest method for how to apply icing on a cake. The frosting has a classic taste that almost everyone loves, and it's simpler and cleaner to work with than fondant or ganache.. Set strips of parchment paper on a platter or cake board to keep the frosting area clean

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Make sure your cake or cookies have cooled completely before applying your fondant - preferably a few hours. Don't rush the process or you'll have a mess on your hands. 4. Getting Fondant to Stick. Fondant won't stick without a little help. For cookies, attach fondant by brushing on a small amount of light corn syrup How To Apply Cake Toppers Printed cake toppers will work on most cake coverings but the best results are achieved when used on smooth, fondant icing or shop bought, ready iced cakes. When using EPS icing sheets the cake toppers have virtually no taste, but are completely edible

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Using a toothpick, mark the edge of the fondant at every 1 inch. Repeat the same for the opposite side of the rectangle. (3) Place your ruler diagonally on the fondant. The edge of the ruler should touch the lower left angle of the rectangle and the third toothpick mark at the top of the rectangle. Use your fondant wheel or the embosser to make. Step 11. Use your fondant smoother to sort of polish your cake. Smooth out any lumps, bumps or wrinkles until it's nice and purdy. Use two smoothers to help steady your cake so you can apply more pressure to smooth without making a handprint in your cake. Pop any additional bubbles you see with your acupuncture needle Apply hair to a fondant head. It's a little known fact that fondant men too face male pattern baldness. Luckily, bakers aware of this sad issue have created fondant toupes to solve this ever-growing (or un-growing) problem. Watch this video to give your fondant man his confidence back with some shiny, beautiful, delicious hair Let the cake sit in the refrigerator so that the surface will slightly harden. It will make applying the fondant easier. *It is recommended to let the cake cool for at least 24 hours before applying fondant. Knead the fondant until it becomes the consistency of clay and use a rolling pin to flatten it out to about 1/4 or so

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  1. Working with well kneaded fondant is so much easier. All you need is a smooth work surface, corn starch, rolling pin, cured fondant, some elbow grease, and a cake to cover. Knead and store any leftovers in a sealed container or bag for later use. Watch the step by step instructions or the video below to see how to apply fondant in action
  2. The upside down method after applying fondant was a little something I wanted to experiment with and worked out beautifully. The other two methods (using the cake smoothers and the plastic / acetate) are probably the more conventional methods of achieving a sharp edge. Just thought I would add yet another to the mix
  3. Method to make edible cake lace. Read the instructions on the cake lace kit box. Open the box and make the cake lace according to the instructions. Ice/Frost some cupcakes and put fondant on top. Wet the fondant on top with a bit of water to help stick the edible cake lace. Remove the cake lace from the mould and stick one on top and leave to dry
  4. Easy Fondant Embossing Technique. Let me show you a fondant embossing technique using just plunger cutters, plain icing nozzles or tips, and a pizza cutter. To do this, all you need is fondant, plunger cutters or cookie cutters, round piping tips in various sizes, and a pizza cutter. First, you need to roll your fondant and cover your cake with it
  5. If your cake needs to be stored in a fridge, be careful about condensation and sweating factors. Fondant cakes tend to sweat a lot and this may ruin the image as soon as it is out. It is advisable to apply your printed edible sheet after your cake has come to room temperature or just before it needs to be served. Type of shee
  6. Fondant is an edible coating used to create a smooth surface on desserts. Covering the treats with fondant follows the same method as covering cakes with fondant. It requires an edible glue to hold the fondant in place and fill in any crevices or gaps in the cereal treats. This glue, like the fondant, is simply edible butter cream cake frosting
  7. Edible images can be used on different frosting options, such as buttercream, Swiss meringue or Italian buttercream, fondant, whipped cream, non-dairy topping, ganache, chocolate and even ice cream cakes. I have found the best results come from buttercream and fondant
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  1. Applying luster dust is just like painting a canvas. If you want more intense colour and stronger effects, you can paint multiple coasts of luster dust on fondant. Different Varieties of Luster Dust. Highlighter Dust - provides a high-sheen and metallic finish. Petal Dust - provides a matte finish and deep, strong colours
  2. Tends not to leave marks on fondant like water does. If you're wrapping a cake in fondant or applying stripes, if the vodka seeps out it will dry quite well without leaving marks. The higher alcohol content helps to sterilise the surface of the cake. Cons
  3. A decorative piped edge can be added around the cake to hide the edge of the wafer paper. Hint: Wafer paper can start to absorb the moisture from the buttercream which can cause grease patches. This can be overcome by making a backing layer of roll-out fondant which you apply the wafer paper to before applying it to your cake

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  1. This kit contains the following items: 1 hook for weeding out edible paper. 1 scraper for scraping your mat. 1 spatula for lifting edible paper. 1 pick-me-up® for picking up or placing small items. 1 ruler (6 inch) 1 microfiber cloth to clean your machine's LCD screen. MSRP $20.00. $20.00
  2. Fondant Application: If your cake has a fondant surface you will want to apply a thin layer of Light Karo Corn Syrup to the back side of the wafer paper illustration using a craft brush or a very soft basting brush. (Light coating only). Turn the wafer paper illustration over and apply to the top of the cake
  3. Instructions. Knead orange fondant and roll into a 1 inch ball. Using a skewer pierce the top if the ball to create a small hole. Create lines on the sides of pumpkin with a straight edge tool like a knife or ruler. Continue until lines are imbedded all the way around your pumpkin
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How to Apply Fondant to a Square Cake (and How to achieve Sharp Edges!)~ Video. How to Cover the Cake Base. How to Frost a Square Cake with Buttercream~Video. How to Ganache a Square Cake with Sharp Corners~ Video. How to Make a Cake from Start to Finish. Piping Basics- Petal and Ruffle Tips With a small paintbrush, apply a good amount of plain water. Brush water only where the image will be. Any water outside the image will leave a mark on the fondant or sugar paste. Although you must be sure to apply enough water, or the image will not stick. - Edges can be tapped down with a very small, slightly moist paintbrush Fondant-Covered Cupcakes, Part 1: Chocolate Cupcakes & Buttercream. Fondant-Covered Cupcakes, Part 2: Rolling and Coloring Fondant. To make the ribbon stripes across the top of the cupcake, roll out a small amount of fondant and cut strips in the thickness you want the ribbons. THEN, grab the biscuit cutter—the same size you used to cut. Sand the cake edges lightly. This will ensure that the sharpness of the edges is removed. Sand all the seams that may be along the side of your cake. Apply some vegetable shortening all over the cake form. Cover the cake with the rolled fondant. When painting the fondant, you can use clear vanilla extract or vodka Make sure that your fondant covered cake is free of powdered sugar or corn starch, before you begin applying the gold leaf. Wet the Cake Surface You can use nice large brush, or just a piece of paper towel to brush a thin layer of water over the area where you will apply the gold leaf

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Take the cake out of the fridge and apply small amount of buttercream where the ribbon will be applied (usually the bottom of the cake). Apply the baking paper strips. Apply small amount of buttercream on the baking paper at the BACK of the cake only. Wrap the fabric ribbon around the cake and baking paper and attach ends with buttercream Step 1. First, we need to roll out our fondant to about 1/8″ thick. Try to keep your fondant in the shape of a square. I am paneling an 8″ square cake. We're going to panel the top of the cake first to reduce the visible seams from the front of the cake. Trim your fondant into a square about 9″x9″ so you have a little excess to work with Use to adhere fondant, edible paper, lace, gumpaste, royal icing transfer, chocolate, crusted buttercream, cake boards, and more. Note: When applying image to any medium, lightly brush glue on to medium and then apply image. Be sure to apply glue to the entire surface to prevent bubbles. Use with a paintbrush sparingly for best result When your fondant is at the desired thickness, use a rolling pin to help drape the fondant over your cake. Once draped, work quickly to smooth out the fondant using a Fondant Smoother for the top and your hand to smooth the sides. Any excess fondant on the base of your cake should be cut off with a knife or Fondant Trimmer. How to Fix Fondant.

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  1. Fondant is a thick sugary paste that can be rolled to smoothly cover a cake. You can also make a variety of three-dimensional fondant decorations to apply to your cake. Since fondant is handled and stored differently than traditional frostings, learn how to effectively use fondant for your next dessert
  2. Getting creative with your fondant icing. Covering a cake with fondant icing will give you a beautiful, smooth finish. You can use shape cutters or craft freehand to create all sorts of shapes with which to decorate your cake. Below are 5 of our favorite fondant cake decoration ideas
  3. Transfer your fondant to your cake. If you are draping a sheet of fondant to entirely cover a cake, it can be transferred easily by placing the rolling pin on the fondant and winding the fondant around the pin. Then take the pin and fondant to your cake and gently unroll it atop the cake

Experience the world of cake decorating like never before with Cake Central Magazine! SUBSCRIBE NOW When you purchase a digital subscription to Cake Central Magazine, you will get an instant and automatic download of the most recent issue. Follow these steps for easy application of rolled fondant or rolled buttercream. This can also be done. A Fondant Picture Transfer is a great technique to add edible fondant images onto your cake. This simple, easy and effortless tutorial will show you how to create this strawberry shortcake image for your next cake but the technique can be used with most other images or characters as well. Today's Tip is contributed to us by the lovely Dina. Fondant: Apply a thin layer of piping gel, water or portable alcohol (Vodka, Everclear) before applying the edible sticker. If the fondant is tacky, the edible image may adhere without the need for the piping gel Fondant is a thick vanilla flavored paste used to cover cakes and make decorations. It is an edible icing made with sugar, water, gelatin and flavorings. Fondant is also referred to as sugar paste. Fondant is very fun and easy to work with

Hold the steamer approximately 4 inches (10 cm) away from the fondant. Press the steam trigger to release the steam onto the piece. Turn the fondant piece or move the steamer around as needed to evenly apply steam to all sides. Only allow the steam to hit the fondant for 3 to 5 seconds per spot Before applying fondant, a sticky surface should be applied to the cake which will help the fondant adhere to it. Many spread a thin layer of buttercream before laying out the fondant The cream cheese icing will be fine under the fondant for a couple of days outside the refrigerator as long as you keep the cake in a cool dry place. Generally when making a fondant wedding cake you frost and fill it at the last possible moment before delivering it. NEW: According to some posters here at Wedding Cakes For You Satin Ice Fondant. Cake fondant is a versatile mixture that can be colored, flavored, rolled, imprinted, and cut into any shape. Plus, it's the only way to get that precise, porcelain-smooth look that transforms birthday cakes or wedding cakes into memorable showstoppers. And while you can buy pre-made fondant, this homemade fondant recipe is softer and easier.

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The cake itself should still be room temperature. The fact that the cake is chilled all the way through is what is causing the condensation and stickiness to happen. You should cover the cake with fondant either at room temperature or just chill the icing until it firms up a bit. Leaving the cake in the fridge over night is too long 1. Roll out fondant 1/8 in. thick on your Roll & Cut Mat sprinkled with cornstarch. Cut the desired size piece using the straight-edge wheel of the Cutter/Embosser. (You may also create the quilted effect directly on your fondant-covered cake.) Lightly roll the Cutter/Embosser wheel over your cut piece to create diagonal lines

Applying ribbon: Stick double sided tape all around the edge of the board. Remove the backing tape. Then, starting at the back of the cake, firmly press the ribbon to the sticky tape. The 'join' should be at the back of the cake, and you can cut another little strip of tape to stick down the overlapping ribbon By Robin Mansur. 8/18/08 4:04 PM. WonderHowTo. For those of you who want to learn how to make those beautiful fondant pearls, here is a cake decorating how to video. Learn to make fondant pearl borders the easy way. This video is a step by step guide on how to roll press and attach the pearls to cakes. Video Loading

Drape in rolled out fondant making sure the fondant sticks to the buttercream. Apply piping gel: get white rock candy to stick the the entire crack using piping gel and tweezers. Apply piping gel. Embossed fondant can be used to add more character to your cake - for example, embossed flowers, borders, lace cutouts and even shapes. In this cake I have embossed the red fondant with a texture mat then draped the fondant around the cake using a panel method. Often; pearl Lust dust can help bring your embossed designs to life You can apply fondant and decoration when the layers are frozen, no problem. You'll notice that it doesn't take long for them to thaw. Probably by the time you're finished applying your last frills the whole cake will have thawed. Generally even a fully decorated frozen 9″ layer cake will thaw in a couple of hours at room temperature

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Let cool. Brush the surface of the fondant with confectioners glaze. Combine your everclear and gold dust to make a paint. Paint over the glaze and let dry fully. At least 10 minutes. Use a bench scraper to loosen the fondant from the table and then using a rolling pin, roll out your fondant to the desired thickness • Application Cookies and Fondant:-For cookies or fondant, brush with the cookie or fondant with a wet royal icing (the consistency of nail polish) and let dry overnight. Follow the directions as per the cake application. Piping and sprinkles are nice options to apply around the borders.-Let dry over night. Drying time is based on humidity Fondant is most commonly used to sculpt or decorate cakes, cupcakes, or pastries. The texture of fondant is very different than most icings, however, which is what really makes it unique. Fondant comes in a couple different forms: rolled or poured, usually. Rolled fondant has the same texture of clay that is a little stiffer than you are used.

Use leftover fondant dough shaped into a ball, dip your hands in cornstarch or use a piece of thick foam to smooth out the fondant on the cake. Roll out prepared fondant 1/4-inch thick. Use cornstarch to dust the work surface while rolling the dough to prevent fondant from sticking. Place the rolled fondant over the cake, smoothing out the top. 5 Fondant picks up debris easily, especially fuzzy bits of clothing lint. Coloring. After kneading, roll your fondant into tube shapes to provide more surface for color application. Use a clean artist brush or a toothpick to apply color. Spread color only on the surface, avoid digging in with your fingers Painted fondant has limitless possibilities - it's just like a blank canvas. This is one reason Shannon Bond, owner of Shannon Bond Cake Design in Olathe, Kansas, thinks painted fondant is so popular because of how much you can personalize it. She's painted cakes with very abstract and modern designs and others featuring details of the French countryside

Peel off one layer of parchment, apply to the cake, then peel off the remaining parchment, smooth the sides as much as possible, then trim the bottom. I use store bought fondant icing. You can make it (I suggest you look for a recipe in Rose Levy Beranbaum's Cake Bible) but it's a bit painstaking and requires special ingredients How to attach an edible image to a fondant cake Edible paper is made of starches and sugars and printed on with edible food colors. You can purchase blank sheets and print on them yourself, buy them pre-printed, or order custom prints from most cake decorating shops Decorating with rolled fondant is the easiest way to get a beautiful cookie in no time. You use the same cookie cutter to cut out the rolled fondant and apply it to the cookie with a little bit of corn syrup. I like to use small embossing sticks or veining tools to make pretty details in the rolled fondant After covering the whole cake, paint the same caramel fondant with Chestnut ProGel. Add some CMC to it in order to get the texture required for making all the wood decorations. Add some texture with a spike brush. Stretch the fondant until it's 1cm thick and cut strips 1.5cm wide. Let it rest for 30 minutes, as it needs to harden for the.

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Aug 31, 2016 - Sprinkle Cake Tutorial ~ A step-by-step tutorial on applying sprinkles to a fondant-covered cake, and how to make your own custom coloured sprinkles. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When the auto-complete results are available, use the up and down arrows to review and Enter to select. Touch device users can explore by touch or with. Don't forget to bookmark how to cover chocolate biscuit cake with fondant using Ctrl + D (PC) or Command + D (macos). If you are using mobile phone, you could also use menu drawer from browser. Whether it's Windows, Mac, iOs or Android, you will be able to download the images using download button. Chocolate Biscuit Cake Now we need to apply our red fondant. First take your fondant out of its package and knead it a bit until it gets really nice and soft, about 2 to 4 minutes or so. Then using a rolling pin or fondant rolling pin roll out the fondant to be a few inches in diameter bigger then your cake and about 1/8 of an inch thick Simple syrup is a breeze to make because it only uses two ingredients -- water and sugar! Prepare your simple syrup on the stove. Poke a few small holes in the top of the cake with a tooth pick or a skewer. Lightly drizzle the simple syrup over the top of the cake. If the syrup does not sink into the cake completely, smooth it out with a spoon