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Multiple Epiphyseal Dysplasia, The Alfred I

1. J Orthop Case Rep. 2017 Sep-Oct;7(5):92-95. doi: 10.13107/jocr.2250-0685.912. A Case Report of Primary Synovial Chondromatosis with Bilateral Genu Valgum dial aspects of phalanges in hand. Genu valgum is a rare presentation in children with PHPT with only 10 cases reported in literature. These 10 cases are sum-marized in an article on Genu valgum and primary hyperparathyroidism in children by Ramkumar et al. [5]. Most of these patients had genu valgum at pres-entation indicating an etiological link Heath CH, Staheli LT. Normal limits of knee angle in white children--genu varum and genu valgum. J Pediatr Orthop. 1993 Mar-Apr. 13 (2):259-62. . Salenius P, Vankka E. The development of the tibiofemoral angle in children. J Bone Joint Surg Am. 1975 Mar. 57 (2):259-61. . Kling TF Jr, Hensinger RN Here a case of a 14 years old girl is reported, presenting with genu valgum and thoracic deformities. She was diagnosed to have raised intact parathormone (iPTH), high serum calcium levels and pectus carniatum due to right lower parathyroid adenoma which was resolved after parathyroidectomy Genu valgum divides into two types: Physiologic, most common. Pathologic: Old metaphyseal (shaft) fracture of the proximal tibia. Multiple epiphyseal dysplasias. Rickets. 0 public playlist includes this case

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  1. Genu valgum is a rare presentation in children with PHPT with only 10 cases reported in literature. These 10 cases are summarized in an article on Genu valgum and primary hyperparathyroidism in children by Ramkumar et al. . Most of these patients had genu valgum at presentation indicating an etiological link
  2. Genu valgum is a deformation of the knee joint(s) that creates angulation of the lower limb(s) toward the midline in the coronal plane. Children ages 1-5 years are commonly affected. Many cases of genu valgum are physiologic and will resolve with further growth
  3. Physiologic genu valgum is a self-correcting condition not necessitating treatment. For bilateral genu valgum caused by systemic disease, the treatment of the underlying condition is paramount. Unilateral genu valgum may necessitate surgical management (e.g. hemiepiphysiodesis, physeal tethering or distal femoral varus osteotomy) 3
  4. CLINICAL CASE PRESENTATION. DELAWARE. CASE HISTORY: This 2 + 9 year old black male presented to Orthopedic Clinic for follow-up with a worsening valgus deformity of his right knee. The first visit was March of 1996. Moderate to severe genu valgum of 25 degrees of the right knee and 5 degrees of the left knee genu valgum was observed.
  5. Case presentation. We report on a 6-year-old boy whose prime presentation was a waddling gait associated with pain since early childhood. Radiographic documentation showed progressive acetabulo-femoral dysplasia associated with additional skeletal deformities. Onset may be in the first two years of life with genu valgum, a short trunk and.
  6. 2. Case Presentation. A 32-year-old Caucasian female presented to endocrinology clinic with severe left knee pain and a significant genu valgum deformity bilaterally. The patient reported being told that she may have had rickets at the age of 9 but was lost to follow-up
  7. All the cases reported so far had genu valgum, solitary parathyroid adenomas and none of the cases have an association with multiple endocrine neoplasia (MEN-1/MEN-2A). All cases ever reported are in range of 13 to 16 years, only one case was of 21 years old

In our study, it was seen that, in the final outcomes, there was insufficient axis correction in one case (9.1%) of 11 deformities which underwent surgery due to genu varum and in 2 cases (5.2%) of 39 deformities which underwent surgery due to genu valgum The average age at presentation was 6.8±3.4 years and at the last visit was 13.5±5 years with a mean follow-up of 6.7±3.7 years. Progressive hip subluxation, genu valgum, and ankle valgus were observed in all patients without intervention. Twenty patients had a total of 159 lower extremity surgical procedures (average, 8 procedures per patient) A case study done by Park et al., which included four patients with MDSC who had a male preponderance, revealed an equal number of genu valgum and varus deformity, while coxa vara and coxa magna were associated with three and one cases, respectively Rickets: Case Presentation 2008 K30 Katherine Wesseling, MD Pediatric Nephrology David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA •CC: lower extremity angular deformities and growth failure severe genu valgum, right>left -Normal reflexes and muscle tone -No dysmorphic features -No rashes, café-au-lait spots, birthmarks, or sacral dimple Case presentation. An 8-year-old Caucasian boy was followed for 6 months for a history of lower limb weakness, abnormal gait, and increasing fatigue. He then developed genu valgum and had failure to thrive, now with increasing pain and difficulty walking up the stairs. He was referred to an orthopedic specialist for genu valgum

Case Presentation Product Information Articles in Medical Jounals Patellar Dislocation With Genu Valgum Treated by DFO Jae Ho Kwon, Jong In Kim, Dong-Hyun Seo, Kyung-Woon Kang, Ji Ho Nam, Kyung-Wook Nha Combined closed wedge distal femoral osteotomy and medial reefing procedure for recurrent patellar dislocation with genu valgum View Genu Valgum Treatment PPTs online, safely and virus-free! Many are downloadable. Learn new and interesting things. Get ideas for your own presentations. Share yours for free Describe the presentation of genu valgum. Identify the difference between physiologic and pathologic genu valgum. Outline the treatment options for genu valgum. Summarize interprofessional team strategies for improving care coordination and communication to enhance the care of genu valgum and improve outcomes General Presentation. Genu valgrum or knocked knee is a condition in which the lower legs are positioned at an outward angle when the knees are touching. Conversely, genu varus or bowlegs is a condition in which the knees remain wide apart when a person stands with the feet and ankles together. Many infants have bilateral symmetric bowing of. Case Study - Part 1 3 y.o. girl referred to physical therapy for evaluation and treatment of toe-walking • History -No significant past medical history, child began walking at 15 months of age, toe-walking since initiation of walking, no parental concerns related to gross motor skill acquisition • Clinical presentation

Parathyroid adenoma presenting as genu valgum in a child

  1. It is generally agreed that the preferred site of osteotomy for genu valgus deformity greater than 12 degrees of valgus is the distal femur. The ideal target for postoperative mechanical axis varies somewhat in the literature. The case has been made for a 0-degree tibiofemoral angle. Phillips and Krackow aim for 4 degrees of mechanical axis varus
  2. Case presentation. A 12-year-old girl presented to us with gradual progressive deformity of her left lower limb and multiple skin lesions. She was accompanied by her parents. Supracondylar chevron osteotomy thus offers a simple, stable, economical osteotomy for surgical correction of genu valgum
  3. Valgus knee, also known as 'knock-knees' or genu valgum, is a common condition where the knees angle in towards the midline. This can lead to foot pronation on the affected side and is sometimes associated with increased lordosis, which is the normal curve of the lower back
  4. We describe a case of lamellar ichthyosis with bilateral genu valgum. The association of genu valgum with congenital ichthyosis is rare. Our patient, a 22-year-old girl, had lamellar ichthyosis and was born with a collodion membrane. She developed progressive valgus deformity of the knees of 5 years duration associated with difficulty in walking

Pediatric Genu Valgum Clinical Presentation: History

1/26/2018 3 Physiologic Genu Varum Bow Legs •Symmetric genu varus • Age: 0-2 years •Normal growth plate on x-ray Genu Varum •Symmetric varus •Normal growth plate on x-ray Angular Deformities •Worrisome clinical features Lateral thrust during gait Short stature Abnormal location of the deformity Apparent enlargement of elbow, wrists Other associated abnormalities were hypermobility, particularly of the small joints, dorsal kyphosis, genu valgum, flat feet, long upper limbs, low muscle tone, and multiple ecchymoses, especially on the legs (Figure 1). This clinical presentation suggested a disease of the connective tissue as the underlying cause

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Clinical Examination of Lower Limb Deformity. When a child is born, it has 10-15 degrees of physiological genu varum, 5 degree internal tibial torsion and external rotation contracture of the hip. It reaches the maximum by about 9-12 months. This usually gets corrected to neutral by the age of 18-24 months then the limb develops a valgus. Presentation Summary : EXAMENUL MERSULUI Gonartroza grava bilaterala Genu valgum dr., genu varum stg. Examen radiologic Rx STANDARD fata + profil 2. Rx AXIALA DE ROTULA evidentiaza Rx AXIALA DE ROTULA evidentiaz

Case #4. A 30 year old male presented with flail legs bilaterally and genu valgum on the right. He wore KAFO's and used crutches, and related a history of broken medial uprights on the right orthosis due to the force on the orthosis produced as a result of his deformity. Several attempts had been made to reinforce the system, with only limited. CASE PRESENTATION: A 12 year old Sri Lankan girl presented with progressive difficulty in walking since 1 year. On examination she had bilateral genu valgum. Genu valgum and SUFE are rare skeletal manifestations in PHPT and only 10 cases of genu valgum and 9 cases of SUFE have been reported up to now. So far no cases have been reported on.

genu valgum aged 2-6 years. Again, normal and developmental knee alignment presentation is both symmetrical and painless, and largely age-specific.5 Normal knee angles in children have been observed repeatedly (Fig. 2).12 Study findings vary, but there is general consensus that genu varum after 2 years of age is abnormal (Fig. 2). The bony. The correction of genu varum for patients with medial compartment osteoarthritis is a well established treatment with the goals of reducing knee pain and slowing the progression of knee arthritis. A full correction of the varus and even overcorrection are needed to achieve these goals. The use of osteotomy in patients with genu varum to prevent. The typical presentation involves pain along the medial aspect of the upper leg combined with localized tenderness and edema over the pes anserinus insertion. The etiology of this syndrome includes trauma, skeletal abnormalities like genu valgum, infection, foreign body reaction as well as tibial osteochondromas . The diagnosis is mostly. CLINICAL CASE PRESENTATION . ORTHOPAEDIC DEPARTMENT . THE ALFRED I. DUPONT INSTITUTE . WILMINGTON, DELAWARE . CASE HISTORY: This patient is an 11 year old white male with a diagnosis of Multiple Epiphyseal Dysplasia (MED). Initially he presented with x-rays revealing mild genu valgum which progressed such that he required surgery

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  1. Case Report. A 26 year old Indian male, presented to the orthopedic department with a pathological fracture of the right humerus and a spontaneous dislocation of the right shoulder joint. Past history revealed development of genu valgum (knock knees) at 14 years of age with history of occasional tetanic contractions at 18 years
  2. (a) At age 22, ten years prior to the current presentation, radiography displays genu valgum of the left knee measuring 17° with a hypoplastic lateral femoral condyle. (b) At current presentation, at age 32, redemonstration of genu valgum of the left knee measuring 23° with narrowing of the joint compartments at the knees and osteochondral.
  3. Genu valgum is more commonly referred to as knock-knees. When someone with genu valgum stands with their knees together, there is a sizeable gap between the ankles of about 2 to 3 inches
  4. We describe a case of hereditary hypophosphatemic rickets with hypercalciuria (HHRH) in a 32-year-old female with short stature, chronic pathologic genu valgum deformity, and knee pain who was referred to endocrinology clinic after previous inconclusive workups. We present imaging spanning 10 years of untreated disease. Biochemical studies.

A Case Report of Primary Synovial Chondromatosis with

  1. genu [je´nu] (pl. ge´nua) (L.) knee. genu extror´sum genu varum. genu intror´sum genu valgum. genu recurva´tum hyperextensibility of the knee joint. genu val´gum a childhood deformity, developing gradually, in which the knees rub together or knock in walking and the ankles are far apart; the most common causes are irregularity in growth of.
  2. A five-year-old female (case 5) with HSAN type V. a No facial stigmata are present.b Clinical photograph at presentation, with massive knee effusion, left genu valgum, and difficulty walking.c Standing anteroposterior radiograph at presentation shows bone resorption in the lateral femoral condyle, increased joint space medially, and soft-tissue shadow indicative of knee effusion
  3. Turner's syndrome results from the complete or partial loss of an X chromosome in females, and it affects about 1 in 2500 live-born females [].Turner's syndrome is mainly characterized by short stature, ovarian failure, congenital malformations of the heart, endocrine disorders, osteoporosis, and autoimmune disorders [].Discoid meniscus is a diagnosis that encompasses a spectrum of.
  4. The distances between the ipsilateral iliac crest to lateral malleolus was the same bilaterally. The distances between the contralateral iliac crest and medial malleolus were also the same. With both patellas facing forward he stood with knees together and there was obvious genu valgum with the intramalleolar distance being 31.5 cm
  5. Pathologic Genu Valgum Pathologic genu valgum is much less common than the physiologic type. This procedure may be the definitive treatment option in active patients with isolated lateral compartment osteoarthritis or posttraumatic art Genu val- gum deformity, commonly called knock knee, in-volves a valgus angulation of the tibia in which the feet are separated more than the knees.
  6. ation the pubis-heal length > crown-pubis length along with genu valgum of left lower-limb with 16 cm intermalleolar distance
  7. MPS-IVA commonly manifests in form of kyphosis or gibbus, scoliosis, pectus carinatum, genu valgum, gait disturbances and frequent falls, but the clinical presentation varies [symptoma.com] The combined abnormalities usually result in a duck- waddling gait

Genu Varum. A. Definition genu varum is curvature of the tibia bone laterally (O-shape).. B. Etiology 1. physiology: according age:-First year: Lateral bowing Tibiae-Second year: Bow legs (knees & tibiae)-Between ages 2- 4: Knock knees (usually marked with conditions: symmetrical between left and right) 2. Pathological: • Rickets: Rickets occurs due to a lack of vitamin D which helps. It presents with raised parathormone (PTH) and Ca levels in serum. Its presentation in adolescence is rare. We report one such incidence of a 14 years old girl who presented with bone pains short stature, and generalized muscle wasting. [ncbi.nlm.nih.gov] [] was detected to have genu valgum at the time of presentation.. Synonyms for genu valgum in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for genu valgum. 2 synonyms for genu valgum: knock-knee, tibia valga. What are synonyms for genu valgum The gradual change from varum to valgum may be caused by a widening pelvis. 2 View/Print Table TABLE 3 Differential Diagnosis for Genu Varum and Genu Valgum Genu varum Genu see also condition varus (congenital) Q66.22 adductus, congenital Q66.22 ICD-10-CM Codes Adjacent To Q66.22 Q65.8 Other congenital deformities of hip Q65.81 Congenital coxa.

Objective: It aims to research and develop therapeutic pants to improve comfort of children with genu varum and genu valgum.Methods: This study used Research and Development (R&D) approach. It consisted of 3 phases, namely phase I, II, and III or product trials.Result: From the literary study in phase I, it was obtained that materials used to. This is the kind of presentation that would occur daily after the 1st admission day Your colleagues and preceptor/attending already have some knowledge of the patient's case This is an overview of the case with a report of the occurrences over the past 24 hours and the plan for that day Correlates to DPN note documentatio Check the Prices before Shopping Online. Get the Best Deals for products at ProductShopper. Find and Compare the best Products from Leading Brands and Retailers at ProductShopper no HISTORY: Acquired genu valgum, postop. REFERENCE EXAMINATION: 5/30/13. FINDINGS: Since the previous exam, the medially placed tension . band plate and screws of both knees have been removed. There has . been interval osteotomy of the left distal femur supported by a . side plate and multiple cortical screws. Some minimal residual . genu . valgum Genu gland valgum Hyperparathyroidism Technetium-99m sestamibi Case report a b s t r a c t INTRODUCTION: Parathyroid adenoma is the most common cause of primary hyperparathyroidism (PHPT). Patients typically present with elevated serum calcium levels and elevated serum parathyroid hormone levels

CASE REPORT Open Access Combined autologous chondrocyte implantation (ACI) with supra-condylar femoral varus Case Presentation However genu valgum following femoral physeal injury is rare [29]. In this case we demonstrated the development of moderate valgus deformity as a consequence of latera gait, genu valgum, fractures, and tumors. Bone presentation is very rare [2]. This case gains importance not for its rarity but for the fact that parathyroid carcinoma should also be kept in the back of our mind for onset of genu valgum in an adolescent. Acknowledgement: Dr Sujatha Sridharan, Professor, Institute o Genu valgum postraumático: presentación de un caso Postraumatic Genu valgum: presentation of a case Dr. Juan de Dios García Domínguez Hospital Provincial Pediátrico Docente Eliseo Noel Caamaño. Matanzas. Matanzas, Cuba. RESUMEN Se presentó un caso de deformidad valgo de la rodilla izquierda en un adolescente thors present a rare case of a 27-year-old woman with bilateral congenital habitual dislocation of the patella with lateral os-teoarthritis in genu valgus knee, associ-ated with patellofemoral dysplasia, that was treated using a medial closing distal femoral osteotomy followed by percuta-neous lateral release and medial reefing The goal of genu valgum reconstruction is to realign the limb such that the mechanical axis falls within the knee joint. In those cases were surgery is to be attempted, i would address the genu valgum 1st, so as to have a better idea of the final functional relationship between the leg and the foot prior to any reconstructive foot and ankle surger

Case 1: Presentation of Data; Intro of Interactive Platform; (genu valgum) 3/8 B B B B U N N L N B Other Problems (genu valgum) 3/8 B B B N N L N B B B Other Problems (knee valgus) 3/4 N B B N N N Other Problems 3/4 N N N N B N. G. N. S. W. G. N. W. G. N. W. G. N. W. G. N. W. S. S. S. S. Case 1: Gillette Results - Problem Identification u. Genu Valgum is a normal physiologic process in children which may also be pathologic if associated with skeletal dysplasia, physeal injury, tumors or rickets. Diagnosis is made clinically with presence of progressive genu valgum after the age of 7. Treatment is observation for genu valgum <15 degrees in a child <7 years of age

Angular problems include genu varum (bowleg) and genu valgum (knock knee). expert opinion, or case series. For information about the SORT evidence unilateral or asymmetric presentation,. The elastic kinesiology tape seemed like the perfect choice as it can be used in a mechanically corrective way as a dynamic intervention and an alternative to restrictive bracing. Case descriptionDesign. This was a retrospective case report covering a 6 month interval of treatment with elastic tape for the skeletal correction of genu valgum Genu Valgum Treatment & Surgery - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation (.ppt / .pptx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. MedicYatra provides the safe Genu Valgum (Knock knee) treatment and Surgery at its affiliate & trusted hospitals & clinics in various metro cities of India, like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune etc.Our Associate Board certified. GENU VALGUS & GENU VARUS. Title: Genu valgus & Genu Varus Author: Ishara Last modified by: D N CEATIVE Created Date: 10/7/2011 3:59:11 AM Document presentation format the lower limbs Persistent genu varum Examination Causes Slide 7 Slide 8 Slide 9 X-ray Finding Knock Knees / Genu Valgum Investigations 1 Investigations2 Indicators of Serious.

abnormal vertebrae, sternal deformities, genu valgum with large metaphyses, and epiphyses in the involved bones. Due to the similarities in the skeletal presentation, the disease is often confused with Marfan's syndrome [3]. There is no literature available on the management of skeletal deformities in the case Introductio Case Presentation . is paper describes the case of a -year-old girl diagnosed with Melnick-Needles Syndrome presenting with short upper limbs, bowed long bones, metaphyseal thickening, genu valgum (knock-knee), shortened distal phalanges, narrow pelv is and shoulders, rib tapering and irregularities, elongation o Case presentation: The patient was 16months old, with a history of delayed physical development, multiple upper respiratory infections and otitis media episodes. She was referred to our orthopedic clinic because of bowed genu valgum, limb length inequality 5 [10 C, Genu valgum is seen (D) Patient showing hypodontia. Written consent for publication of photographs was obtained from the patient and family The main physical findings were height 111 cm (<3rd centile), her weight was 19 kg (<3rd centile), and her head circumference was 50 cm (<3rd centile) Coxa valga is defined as the femoral neck shaft angle being greater than 139 °. Coxa vara is as a varus deformity of the femoral neck. It is defined as the angle between the neck and shaft of the femur being less than 110 - 120 ° (which is normally between 135 ° - 145 °) in children

2. Case Presentation. A female patient, second child of nonrelated Dominican parents was born at 39 weeks' gestation after a normal uncomplicated pregnancy and a normal spontaneous vaginal delivery. Her birth weight was 4.1 kg. She developed genu varum around age 1 year Clinical presentation. Section: The full-length standing radiograph (a) shows genu valgum. Anteroposterior (b) and lateral (c) radiographs of the left knee show the irregularity of the subchondral bone without joint space narrowing and remarkable osteophytes. In this case, MRI examination demonstrated characteristic findings such as the. Case Report. This 13-year-old girl was born to non-consanguineous 37-year-old mother and 37-year-old father. The pregnancy and birth were uneventful. Deafness had been diagnosed in early infancy, and for the past one year, she developed progressive genu valgum and wrist widening and leg pain Progressive genu valgum resulting from idiopathic lateral distal femoral physeal growth suppression in adolescents. J Pediatr Orthop. 2008; 28(7):752-756. 10.1097/BPO.0b013e3181875b46. Google Scholar; 30. Pinkowski JL, Weiner DS. Complications in proximal tibial osteotomies in children with presentation of technique. J Pediatr Orthop To our knowledge, only one case of PHP1B following ART has been reported to date . We report a twin boy conceived by ART with PHP1B and partial loss of methylation at the GNAS exon A/B locus, presenting with bilateral slipped capital femoral epiphysis (SCFE) and bilateral genu valgum deformity

Case Presentation An eight-year-old boy was brought by his father to the emergency department with a history of persistently active bleeding from his nose for an hour. The patient experienced several episodes Genu valgum (knock-knees) deformity. (C) Widened wrist. Anthropometric measurements are presented in Table 1 Structural genu valgum will probably be visible on gait examination. However, some patients with little to no genu valgum will have an apparent increase in genu valgum deformity during gait when they also have internally rotated knees. For these patients, if the orthosis can cause external knee rotation then the apparent genu valgum should. The symptomatic genu valgum and recurvatum after surgery. In September literature suggests that a congenital disorder of ACL not causing 2009, the patient consulted at our center because of anteroposterior and functional instability of the knee during normal daily activities must medial instability of the right knee Case presentation Case 1 A 10-year-old male with nocturnal enuresis, considered the 1st patient, was admitted to the paediatric depart-ment of our hospital on April 10, 2019. The 1st patient did not have a history of birth asphyxia. This patient was born with a weight of 3.1 kg. His consanguineous par-ents were healthy, without a family history. Hypophosphatemic rickets results from defects in the renal tubular reabsorption of filtered phosphate.Case characteristics: 13-year-old Indian girl presented with deafness since infancy and progressive wrist widening and genu valgum for last one year.Observation: Homozygous novel missense mutation in fibroblast growth factor 3.Message: LAMM.

Pediatric Genu Varum Clinical Presentation: History and

An intermalleolar distance of 10cm or more at any age, or asymmetrical genu valgum, indicate referral to an Orthopaedic Surgeon. Referral to a Physiotherapist for either of these presentations, in the absence of other clinical findings, is not indicated. In-toeing There are a number of reasons why children present with an in-toeing gait Major treatable concerns in patients with MPS type IV involve C1 to C2 instability, genu valgum, and hip subluxation. All patients demonstrate characteristic acetabular dysplasia and failure of ossification of the superolateral femoral head. Case presentation Surgical techniques using bone blocks, screws, plates and staples have been described to biologically manipulate the growth plate to correct leg length inequality, genu varum and genu valgum. This study aimed to evaluate adolescents undergoing percutaneous hemiepiphysiodesis for correction of genu valgum Infantile Blount's Disease (tibia vara) Infantile Blount's disease is progressive pathologic genu varum centered at the tibia in children 2 to 5 years of age. Diagnosis is suspected clinically with presence of a genu varum/flexion/internal rotation deformity and confirmed radiographically with an increased metaphyseal-diaphyseal angle

Presentation of parathyroid adenoma with genu valgum and

during the 3 months before presentation. There was no history of trauma or sepsis. Clinical examination revealed a slightly diffuse oval mass measuring 2 1.5 cm in the lateral aspect of the knee. The overlying skin was not tethered, and there was limited movement of the mass. The affected knee showed mild genu valgum with absence o Physiologic genu varum patients pre-sented at a mean age of 16.4 months, with only 3.23% presenting at older than 23 months. On average, physiologic genu varum patients presenting before 24 months of age showed measurable varus correction 5 months after presentation and achieved varus resolu-tion 7.3 months after presentation (TABLE 1)

The operative approach presented in this study has resulted in correction of the severe genu valgum deformity in Ellis-van Creveld syndrome to 10° or less of genu valgum at the time of surgery. Although not an outcomes study, a correction of no more than 20° genu valgum has been maintained in many of the cases included in the study Etiology of PHPT can be due to adenoma, hyperplasia or rarely carcinoma. \ud \ud Case presentation: A 12year old Sri Lankan girl presented with progressive difficulty in walking since 1year. On examination she had bilateral genu valgum Pseudohypoparathyroidism (PHP) is a rare, genetic disorder with variable presentation. This case report describes a young male who presented with a pathological fracture of the right humerus with spontaneous dislocation of the right shoulder joint. On evaluation, hypocalcemia, normal phosphate levels with raised parathormone levels were seen Focal fibrocartilaginous dysplasia (FFCD) is an uncommon, yet well documented, cause of long-bone angular deformities in children. We report two unusual cases of FFCD involving the tibia: one within the proximal tibia inducing genu valgum and one apparent FFCD lesion of the distal tibia that generated a varus deformity of the distal tibia

A At presentation(PDF) Serpentine fibula polycystic kidney syndrome is partFigure 1PPT - Musculoskeletal: Autoimmune; Inflammatory; MetabolicPPT - Rheumatoid Diseases PowerPoint Presentation, free

Shim et al. reported one case of LCP disease associated with progressive ipsilateral genu valgum. This patient did not have any proximal femur procedure. Shim et al. concluded the changes in the hip resulting from LPC disease were responsible for the genu valgum. Our results therefore support the hypothesis raised by Shim et al. . Reference Twelve of the 29 children had a first-degree relative included in the case series. All but one patient complained of joint pain and walking difficulty that started at a median age of 3 years (IQR, 2-4 years). Leg deformity (genu valgum, 72%; genu varum, 28%), antalgic gait (86%), and wrist enlargement (75%) were the most common abnormalities Comparison of Radiological Measurements in Genu Valgum and Genu Varum Deformities Treated with Eight Plate Hemiepiphysiodesis. Treatment-Resistant Bronchopneumonia as a Form of Presentation of Lung Cancer: A Case Report Knock Knee Before and After. The following patients have allowed us to use images of them to illustrate the miracles that we can accomplish through limb lengthening surgery to fix knock knee deformities and other conditions. For more in depth information on how we treat knock knee patients, please visit our knock knee case histories page Most of the cases of PHPT with genu valgum described so far have occurred in the period of adolescence when there is a rapid growth spurt combined with direct effect of elevated PTH on the growth plate., Another finding is of slipped upper femoral epiphisis (SUFE)