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  1. Caucasian Ovcharka - Bite force 700 PSI. The Caucasian Ovcharka, or Caucasian Shepherd dog, is a Mollosoid (of ancient Greek origin) breed that has an incredibly distinct appearance and looks somewhat like a Pyrenean Mountain Dog. You might recognize the breed as the imposing guard dogs that are used by many Russian prisons
  2. To give you a comparison, humans have an average bite force of 120-140 psi, and the Nile Crocodile has a bite force of 5,000 psi. The bite force of average dogs ranges somewhere around 230-250 psi.
  3. A bull terrier attacks the Caucasian Shepherd over food, luckily the fight didn't end up in a tragedy and both dogs went calm after a bit of brawl. Copyright..
  4. Like I have mentioned above, Caucasian Shepherd Dogs can kill a lion. But this is theoretically because there is no strong evidence recorded. People started to believe this theory because of the size and strength of the Caucasian Shepherd Dog. Caucasian Shepherd Dogs have a bite force of 500-700 PSI
  5. Force Merida Wolf with BFQ 136La force of the bite or sting of a dog (and other animals in general) is measured by the pressure exerted by the jaw shut to bite. The meter is the most widely used BFQ. The BFQ (Bite Force Quotient for short) is a ratio that measures the strength of bite on the weight of the animal, caucasian shepherd dog vs wolf

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Caucasian Shepherd Dog current price. The price of Caucasian Shepherd varies from one breeder to another and also depends on the size of the Caucasian Shepherd as at the time you want to buy. However, on average a Caucasian Shepherd will cost around $1,000 to $3,000. Caucasian Shepherd Dog Bite force With a bite PSR of 550-700 PSI, the Caucasian Shepherd is a force to be reckoned with in the canine world. Add it's strong will, fearless nature, and ferocity and it's safe to say that this dog is the ultimate fighter The breed is commonly known as the Caucasian Mountain Dog and Caucasian Sheepdog. The breed is used as a livestock guardian, protection dog, and was also used as a fighting dog. A 2007 New York Times article shows that the dog continues to be used for fighting today in Russia, along with the Central Asian shepherd dog Lion Bite Force: 650 PSI. Lions have a bite force of only 650 PSI, which is not much stronger than the hardest-biting domestic dog, the English mastiff (550 PSI). But lions are social creatures. Overall power? The Caucasian shepherd, kangal and alabai (a regional variant of Caucasian shepherd) are all pretty much the same as far as power goes. Dogs that can comfortably be around 75-90 kgs without being overburdened with bulk, have long ra..

Bite Force - 238 PSI. The German Shepherd ranks as one of the most commonly found domestic dogs in the world. In countries like the United States of America, the German Shepherd ranks as the second most popular dog breed. This breed was initiallybred as a working-class dog in Germany. They are highly intelligent dogs and can often be found. The Caucasian Shepherd dog is a serious guardian breed and should never be taken lightly. The Caucasian is bold, fearless, self-confident and fierce when a threat is present, but he is soft. Bite Force: 556 PSI. 4. Dogo Argentino. Considered as most aggressive breeds of dogs, Dogo Argentino was developed for big-hunting games like wild boar, Antonio Nores Martínez and The Breeder. Owing to its fearful traits, it is banned in 10 countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Portugal, and the UK 1) Caucasian Shepherd. Well, there is a dog called the Ovcharka Caucasian Mountain Dog which, theoretically, can kill a lion. As an adult, males can weigh from 50 to 100 kg (110-220 lb) and grow to be 72 to 90 cm (28-35 in) tall. The Caucasian Shepherd Dog is a large livestock guardian dog breed from the Caucasus Mountains, commonly bred in.

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What dog has strongest bite? Mastiff - 552 pounds. The Mastiff takes the crown with a reported bite force of 552 pounds. Rottweiler - 328 pounds. Rotties are known for being fierce and strong dogs. American Bulldog - 305 pounds. American Bulldogs are fairly large, stocky and muscular dogs. German Shepherd - 238 pounds Quick Summary Below are a few quick comparisons between the two breeds. Owner Experience - Both the Caucasian Shepherd Dog and Kangal Dog are strongly discouraged for new/inexperienced owners.; Children - Both the Caucasian Shepherd Dog and Kangal Dog are child friendly.; Grooming - Both breeds have high grooming requirements, but the Kangal Dog is slightly easier to groom between the two

Kangal Shepherd Dog has the strongest bite force in the dog world. Know more about this massive breed and whether it would be a good fit for you. Read more. Call/text: (800) 372-0148 | Kangal Shepherd Dog vs. Anatolian Shepherd vs. Caucasian Shepherd Dog Caucasian Ovcharkas are quite easy to train. German Shepherds are easy to train. East-European Shepherds are quite easy to train. Playfulness. The Caucasian Ovcharka is a playful breed. German Shepherds, like any other dog breed, like playing. East-European Shepherds, like any other dog breed, like playing

Actually, pretty much none in RL. Wolfs never fight without purpose, so if a wolf attacks a dog, it means he is hunting and will eat the dog. That, obviously, only happens to medium-size dogs, mostly - gundogs, since they are often to be found in. It seems the wolf doesn't have a more powerful bite at all. The biggest most powerful canis lupus skull we (as a community) have seen was the Alabai skull, and the Alabai is a variant of Caucasian shepherd. Longer, wider, deeper, more robust, bigger teeth, bigger sagital crest, everything Caucasian Ovcharkas are quite easy to train. Playfulness. Kangal Dogs, like any other dog breed, like playing. The Caucasian Ovcharka is a playful breed. Sensitivity Level. They are a little bit more sensitive than other dog breeds. Caucasian Ovcharkas are less sensitive than other dog breeds. Affection Level

Wolves are stronger have three times the bite force and have more endurance. They're an Apex predator with almost no natural enemies that can hurt them and would kill a pitbull quick. What is the most dangerous dog in the world? The following is our list of the 10 most dangerous dog breeds in the world. Caucasian Shepherd Our second molars can exert a bite force between 1,100 and 1,300 Newtons, beating the orang-utan, gibbon and Australopithecus but lagging behind the gorilla, chimp and Paranthropus. What's the bite force of a Jaguar? Caucasian Shepherd. Perro De Presa Canario. Alaskan Malamute. German Shepherd. Bullmastiff. Wolf Hybrid. 22 февр. 2020 г

The German Shepherd is second in bite force with a score of 238; However, the Caucasian Shepherd and the Kangal are mastiff dogs. So somehow they would be included in the number one ranking, the Mastiff. Studies on Jaws of Dogs and Their Bite Do Not Take Into Account the Motivation of the Dog When Biting German Shepherd Bite Force - 238 PSI . Doberman Bite Force - 245 PSI . American Bull Dog Bite Force - 305 PSI. African Wild Dog Bite Force - 317 PSI. Rottweiler Bite Force - 328 PSI. Wolfdog. Bite Force - 406 PSI. English Mastiff Bite Force - 556 PSI. Dogs are one of the most loved pets in the world The Caucasian shepherd, also known as the Caucasian Ovcharka, is a large dog breed from the Caucaus region and is one of the strongest and fiercest dogs around today. Their bite force of 550-700 PSI is easily of the strongest in the dogs world (for reference, humans' bite force is 126 psi) Tibetan mastiff(Not Chinese, the purebred one) is 3rd strongest dog after Kangal and Caucasian Shepherd. It has height of 23-31 inches at withers, weights up to 80 kg and has a bite of up to 650 psi (556 average). Deserves to be in this list

Getty Images. The largest dogs in the world, mastiffs can tip the scales at over 200 pounds—and these canines have bites to match, wielding a force of 500 pounds per square inch. (Interestingly, the dog you'd expect to see on this list, the pit bull, can only muster a bite force of 250 PSI, about the same as a full-grown human. According to a multi-year report on dog bite fatalities that spanned from 2005 to 2017, Siberian Huskies were responsible for 3% of deaths caused by dogs in the U.S. This put them at number seven on the list, out of 20 other breeds. Even though 3% may seem like a small figure, you have to bear in mind that there are literally hundreds of other. Doberman. Bite Force - 245 PSI. German Shepherd. Bite Force - 238 PSI. Great Dane. Bite Force - 238 PSI. American Pit Bull. Bite Force - 235 PSI. Labrador Retriever. Bite Force - 230 PSI. Dutch Shepherd. Bite Force - 224 PSI. Chow Chow. Bite Force - 220 PSI. Malinois Dog. Bite Force - 195 PSI

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  1. The Caucasian Shepherd is a very formidable guard dog! They are strong, protective, and very aggressive with unfamiliar people. To give you a sense of how strong they are, the Rottweiler has a bit of 328 PSI (i.e., Per Square Inch,) while the Caucasian Shepherd has 700 PSI. The Caucasian Shepherds will become aggressive if any unknown person.
  2. ance. an animal can regard such actions as rudeness and its reaction can be immediate - from growling to a bite. However, even the growl of an animal of impressive size can cause stress and fear in children. A strong sense of independence will force the animal to.
  3. 3. The Caucasian Shepherd The Caucasian Shepherd image source. The pup is known by a plethora of other names like the Caucasian sheepdog, Caucasian Ovcharka, Kaukasische Schaferhund. Apart from being among the most dangerous dogs, this breed is also listed among the heaviest - weighing approximately 200 pounds for the adult dog
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German Shepherd. The German Shepherd is a loyal, loving companion with a friendly, comical nature and an aptitude for training. On a good day. On a bad day, it can be a menace. According to thegermanshepherder.com, the breed has a bite force of around 238 PSI. To put that in perspective, the Pit Bull's bite force is 235 PSI. Other Banned Breed The Anatolian Shepherd Dog is an ancient Turkish dog breed who worked alongside Turkish shepherds guarding sheep and cattle against some of the most dangerous predators.These mighty dogs are considered best at what they do - guarding.You don't want to face one of these dogs while they are patroling, especially since this is a breed whose bite force is stronger than that of a wild wolf The Caucasian Shepherd Dog or Caucasian Wolfhound is a breed of large guard dogs with a resolute, fearless character. They do an excellent job with herding and guarding activities. Loyal to one master. Caucasian Shepherd Dogs are a nightmare of all hooligans and hunters for someone else's property. Soft on the outside and harsh o The German Shepherd has one of the strongest bite force in the kernel..a trained security German Shepherd has an even stronger bite force.tell me how a pit bull wins? The German Shepherd beats it in the jaw department and also in the size/body strength department.just because the German Shepherd is a well known and common dog that can also be. Caucasian dogs trying to identify the most efficient and weak places on coach's equipment to show off its aggression, The characteristic feature of Caucasian shepherd breed is terrible bite force, and the victim's body fragments tearing

A wolf can chew and consume bone and its bite force alone can kill any dog with a single attack. Caucasian shepherd,dogo argentino these dogs are used as guard dogs and are strong and their. While the Rottweiler is actually the most powerful and its pressure bite topped 328 pounds, German Shepherds got second place and measured 238 bite force, and finally, the American pitbull terrier took the third position with a pressure of 235 pounds It would have to be the Caucasian shepherd or the English mastiff.The English mastiff has a bite force around 500psi while a pitbull only has around 250psi so don't listen to rubbish about pit. Everything You Need to Know About the Kangal. The Kangal Shepherd Dog is a guardian dog breed that originated from Sivas, Turkey also known as Turkish Kangal or Anatolian Kangal. It's a large dog breed at about 28 to 34 inches tall, weighing anywhere between 90 to 150 pounds. The average lifespan of the Kangal Shepherd is around 13 to 15 years

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The Caucasian Shepherd Dog. The Borzoi. The Tosa Inu. The Bully Kutta. Which dog can kill a pitbull? German Shepherd. Bite Force - 238 PSI. Great Dane. Bite Force - 238 PSI. American Pit Bull. Bite Force - 235 PSI. Labrador Retriever. Bite Force - 230 PSI. Dutch Shepherd. Bite Force - 224 PSI The bite force of a German Shepherd is enough to brake a human bone. Some smaller bones in the body can brake with as little as 25 pounds of pressure. This is of course dependent on the age and strength of the bone. Technically a German Shepherd bite could provide enough force to brake a leg bone. As a rough estimate, it would take 218 pounds. caucasian shepherd vs pitbull, who would win. 06/14/2021 Sin categoría. Who would win grey wolf or caucasian shepherd. i would not say much more intelegent and much more stamina but yeah they do have little better stamina and intelegence bite force tho is stronger with wolf dog bite is 730 psi and wolf 1200 psi but both would be preaty deadly/lethal to each other and capeable of LOT of damage. 1 Caucasian Mountain dog (Caucasian ovcharka, Shepherd dog, Sheepdog, Kavkazskaya ovcharka) is one of the strongest breeds, that knows force, respects itself, with hereditary spite. Therefore it is subordinated only to a strong person

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The Caucasian Shepherd Dog. The Borzoi. The Tosa Inu. The Bully Kutta. Can a German shepherd kill a mountain lion? Yeah comfortably. Being so outnumbered is a huge disadvantage. Female mountain lions are usually no bigger then a Labrador or German shepherd while males are closer in weight to a wolfhound, but both sexes would struggle badly The Caucasian Shepherd is a flock guardian developed from pre-historic molosser breeds in Caucasus by local herders. Caucasians are used to protect sheep from predators and thieves. These dogs always attract everybody's attention due to outstanding working qualities and a striking appearance. The lack of organized kennel clubs and written. The German Shepherd bite is extremely strong and you don't want to be on the receiving end of their powerful jaws. German Shepherd Bite Force There is a reason that Police Departments and the Military make the German Shepherd one of their top choices for chasing suspects or apprehendin

Is the Central Asian Shepherd bigger then the Caucasian Mountain dog? A civilian will likely Never use the long send, but it does show what the dog is made of. It forces the dog to bite when defense drive is not the primary drive. #2 Is the Best way to describe the temperament of the Central Asian Shepherd. They apply due force. 14 (82%) Caucasian Shepherd Dog. Also known as Caucasian Ovcharka or Baskhan (Karachay) pariy, Caucasian shepherd dogs are strongly boned, muscular, and even-tempered molossers. Plain dogs have a shorter coat and appear taller as they are more lightly built. Mountain dog types have a heavier coat and are more muscularly built The Caucasian shepherd gets its name from the Caucasus mountains, which are home to one of the oldest living Molosser dog breeds. While Caucasian shepherd is the most common name for these noble dogs, alternatives include Caucasian Ovcharka, Caucasian sheepdog, Caucasian mountain dog, Kavkaski Owtscharka, and Kaukasische Schaferhund 1) Caucasian Shepherd. Well, there is a dog called the Ovcharka Caucasian Mountain Dog which, theoretically, can kill a lion. As an adult, males can weigh from 50 to 100 kg (110-220 lb) and grow to be 72 to 90 cm (28-35 in) tall The Kavkaz (Caucasus) is a mountain region of Eastern Europe and this is the original home of forever-loyal Caucasian Shepherd. The Borzoi. The Bully Kutta. So, if nobody upsets

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Belgian Malinois. Often mistaken for a small German shepherd, these herding dogs are highly intelligent and energetic. Their nature makes them excellent guard dogs and police dogs. However, they can also be aggressive, especially with small children and other animals. They have a bite force of 195 PSI, as well The most accurate list of the Strongest Dog Breeds in the World by analyzing the power and weight and Bite Force. Article by Dear Canine | Take Care of Your Dog the Right Way. 126. Big Dogs Large Dogs Dogs And Puppies Doggies Alabai Dog Caucasian Shepherd Dog Kangal Dog Hound Dog Breeds Tibetan Mastiff Caucasian Shepherd Dog is similar to these dog breeds: Akita (dog), Spanish Mastiff, Hovawart and more. Topic. Caucasian Shepherd Dog. These dogs were bred as working farm dogs and are one of the most powerful dog breeds in the world and have a bite force of up to 800 psi High quality Caucasian inspired Scarves by independent artists and designers from around the world... This breed goes by many names such as the Caucasian Sheepdog, Caucasian Shepherd, Kavkaskaia Ovtcharka, Caucasian Owcharka, Caucasian Mountain Dog, Sage Ghafghazi and Kavkazskia Ovtcharka. Oct 3, 2020 The Caucasian Shepherd Dog is a working dog breed that originated With a bite force of 235 PSI, the American Pitbull Terrier's bite is no

Unique Caucasian Posters designed and sold by artists. Shop affordable wall art to hang in dorms, b.. Low Prices on Shepherds Top 10 Dog Breeds Which Dog Has The Strongest Bite Pet Love That. Kangal Vs Central Asian Ovcharka Vs Caucasian Ovcharka. The Guardian Way April 2020 Texas A M Agrilife Research And Extension Center At San Angelo. Kangal Shepherd Dog Wikipedia. Kangal Shepherd Dog Breed Information. Tarim Isletmeleri Genel Mudurlugu. Kangal Shepherd Dog Wikiwand The kangal has bite strength twice as strong as a pit bulls and the most powerful bite force in the K9 family. Caucasian dogs, APBT, dogos, presas Shepherd Lab Mix barbone Beagle cross breeds Beagle Lab Mix Best dog food black pug Boxador Boxer dog benefits boxer lab mix Caucasian Shepherd Cavachon Chorkie Corgi Yorkie mix Cutest dog. In 2005, Dr. Brady Barr of the National Geographic performed a bite force study that included domestic dogs. He used a German Shepherd, Rottweiler, and an American Pit Bull Terrier. A bite sleeve equipped with a specialized computer instrument was used to measure and record the results. Out of the three dogs, the American Pit Bull had the least.

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Here are 9 of the most strongest dog breeds. 1. Caucasian Shepherd. By pinterest. The most grounded dog title goes to the Caucasian Shepherd which began from the North Caucasus areas. The Caucasian Shepherd wins the most grounded dogs rivalry due to its size and it has one if the best nibble powers of any dogs alive Dogs with the strongest bite. Mastiff - 552 lbs. The Mastiff wins the crown with a reported bite force of 552 pounds. Rottweiler - 328 lbs. The Rottweiler is known as a fierce and strong dog. American Bulldog - 305 lbs. The American Bulldog is a rather large, stocky, and muscular dog. German Shepherd - 238 lbs. Pit Bull - 235 lbs

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2. Great Dane. This dog breed holds the record of the world tallest dog. The Great Dane is a huge and gigantic breed that has previously been used as a working dog. With a height that reaches nearly above a meter, the Great Dane is obviously one of the top 10 strongest dog breeds Caucasian Shepherd's (Ovcharkas) Jump to Well, my dog on his property is a devil. I didn't think I should tell about that, it's natural with these digs. He will bite anyone, who is not family or a good friend. but what force in action... And right after that session he sleeped right to the decoy for several hours, I was busy with my GSD. October 23, 2020. Pet information. Dog bite force myths need to be debunked. Some people who are afraid of dogs will claim that certain dog breeds can exert over 2,000 pounds of pressure with their jaws. It's an impressive number - and an enormous exaggeration. They bite harder than a human, but not as much harder as one could think The Caucasian Shepherd is a flock guardian developed from pre-historic molosser breeds in Caucasus by local herders. Caucasians are used to protect sheep from predators and thieves. These dogs always attract everybody's attention due to outstanding working qualities and a striking appearance. The lack of organized kennel clubs and written.

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  3. Anneka meets the wolfs nemesis the huge and powerful russian caucasian shepherd bear dog caucasian mountain dog or ovcharka and finds out whether they a. as a glamour pet accompanying celebrities but in fact it is a large strong and courageous hunting dog with a mighty bite force that was initially bred to fight wolves. Wolf hunting in war.
  4. A large, fluffy dog with a dark-colored coat, the Sarplaninac is more than just a big, cuddly bear of a pooch. The Sarplaninac is a livestock-guarding breed that was developed in the mountainous regions of Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo. Despite its large size, this dog is good with people, even if it does take them a little while to warm up

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  1. Anatolian Shepherd Dog is the name used in the United States to describe dogs descended from regional Turkish livestock guardian dogs, particularly the Kangal but also the Akbash, from the late 1960s. In 1967 a US Navy Lieutenant who was stationed in Turkey, Robert Ballard, acquired two working livestock guardians Zorba and Peki, from breeders in the Ankara region, Zorba was a long-coated.
  2. Let's be honest GSD are bigger and have a stronger bite force of 238 lbs. Plenty of videos on YouTube if german shepherds protecting there flock from coyotes. They will charge right into battle to save their people or other dogs in the pack
  3. Great Variety of Training Sleeves Any dog training requires proper protective gear to provide safety for the trainer and his pet.All the bite dog sleeves and their components are made of absolutely safe materials such as natural Jute, durable French Linen and Innovative NK-stuff. Checked and tested, these bite dog sleeves are long-servicing and allow for bite development while at the same time.
  4. The Caucasian Shepherd is a large, impressive looking dog standing at between 64 - 75cm in height and weighing between 45 - 70 kg. He has an almost bear-like appearance. His coat can be shortish or even fairly long, and in different colors such as white, tan, brindle, grey and cream with a black mask

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  1. Called the East European Shepherd, they were distinctly different in size and stature than the German Shepherd. They also had a stronger, solid body and a powerful bite. The new breed was rapidly assimilated into the military and became the main dog used by the KGB service. In 1964 the first Standard for the East European Shepherd was approved
  2. The Average Price for the Caucasian Shepherd Dog breed in the UK is : £1,028 for Non KC Registered Dogs. This price is calculated by averaging all of the adverts placed for sale on the Pets4Homes.co.uk website throughout the year 2018, for the Caucasian Shepherd Dog dog breed
  3. The Central Asian Shepherd Dog is one of the oldest of dog breeds in the world with a history spanning back more than 5,000 years. This is not a breed created by man and instead this is a breed that originated as a result of their climate and circumstance, for better or worse. The Central Asian Shepherd Dog is a large and powerfully built dog
  4. Caucasian Shepherd X Kangal. Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire. Caucasian Shepherd X Kangal 3 x Males 2 x Females. Absolute Stunning Puppies For Sale. These Will Be Big Dogs. Perfect For Guarding Also Great With Family and Children. The Parents For These Pups Are Also Owned By Us And Great With Children. They
  5. The Bucovina Shepherd is an impressive dog, being classified as a breed that is of the large to giant size. As a livestock guardian from the Carpathian Mountains in Romania, they have been developed over centuries and the result is a powerful, fearless dog but one who excels as a good companion, and who is surprisingly gentle and devoted to their owners
  6. Bulgarian Shepherd vs Caucasian Shepherd - Breed Comparison. Bulgarian Shepherd is originated from Bulgaria but Caucasian Shepherd is originated from Russia. Both Bulgarian Shepherd and Caucasian Shepherd are of same height. Bulgarian Shepherd may weigh 43 kg / 94 pounds lesser than Caucasian Shepherd. Bulgarian Shepherd may live 45 years more.

Quick Summary Below are a few quick comparisons between the two breeds. Owner Experience - The Central Asian Shepherd Dog is an okay choice for new owners, but the Caucasian Shepherd Dog is strongly discouraged for new/inexperienced owners.; Children - The Caucasian Shepherd Dog is child friendly. The Central Asian Shepherd Dog does not do well with children Training goal #1: Work on basic cuesand set rules. Aussies are smart and energetic dogs who are eager to please and need mental stimulation. When your Australian Shepherd is a puppy, it's.

Kangal vs Central Asian Ovcharka vs Caucasian Ovcharka?Argentino dogo and Caucasian ovcharka - amazing dogs - YouTubeTibetan Mastiff video | FunnyDogCAUCASIAN Shepherd, the Russian BEAR DOGElite Guard I Central Asian Shepherd Dog I | FunnyDog

Bolognese Dog. Rs 22,000 - Rs 90,000. American Staffordshire Terrier. Rs 35,000 - Rs 85,000. Affenpinscher. Rs 70,000 - Rs 1,00,000. This dog price list in India contains information on all the different types of dogs available in the market including big and small dog breeds. You can also get valuable information on various other dog breeds The Central Asian shepherd dog, also known as the Alabay or Alabai (Russian: Среднеазиатская овчарка; Алабай, romanized: Sredneazïatskaya ovčarka; Alabay), is a livestock guardian dog breed.Traditionally, the breed was used for guarding sheep and goat herds, as well as to protect and for guard duty.. It is a large breed of dog recognized by FCI as a Molossoid type. The Central Asian Shepherd Dog is a protective dog who, as a puppy, bonds first to its human caretakers and next with its perceived possessions. Bred to solve problems, the Central Asian Shepherd Dog is independent minded, strong, brave, and responsible. It is a large but agile dog, sometimes described as a cat in dogs clothing Whilst the East European Shepherd is a breed few people have heard of, this dog's physical appearance has a sense of déjà vu about it. This is because of the breed's German Shepherd ancestry to which the EES has holds a striking resemblance. Regarded as a tough, outdoorsy type dog, the one chink in this breed's otherwise good health, is a tendency to develop hip or elbow dysplasia (a. #8 German Corso (Cane Corso / German Shepherd) Photo from @brunothegermancorso (IG) German Corso is a difficult one to handle, but as both of his parents, this pup tends to be very protective and loyal to their owner. If you have this bad boy by your side, you got one less thing to worry about