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Biological effects of radiation 1. Biological Effectsand Risks of Ionizing Radiation 2. Objectives I WILL :1. Explain the basis of radiation effects.2. Compare radiation risks with other common risks YOU WILL:1. Know the additional cancer risk incurred from exposure to 25 rem.2 effects of nuclear radiation, we will reverse the. order and discuss biological effects first. It. is known that the biological effects of. exposure to radioactive materials can be serious, but in many cases the mechanisms of damage. are not understood at the atomic level so we. need to use information from biological. experiments

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that radiation was likely cause of skineffects. Dermatologist studied up on radiation treatment and prepared acourse for thepatient. Result: Patient treated early for skin effect and not surprised by the development. Patient has more confidence in physician's quality of care. Case isongoing Module 4 Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation Module #4 Terminology Acute vs. Chronic Exposure Direct vs. Indirect Action Prompt vs. Delayed Effects Stochastic vs. Non-stochastic Effects Module #4 Chain of Events for Direct Action Incident particle or photon Excitation or Ionization Dissociation of a molecule due to the excitation or ionization on one of the molecules atoms Biological. External irradiation occurs when all or part of the body is exposed to penetrating radiation from an external source. During exposure, some of this radiation is absorbed by the body and some passes completely through. The proportion absorbed depends on the type and energy of the radiation involved ionizing radiation exposure Ionizing Radiation Exposure Effects Somatic Effect (Prompt or Delayed) Stochastic Effect (Cancer) - probability of effect occurring increases as doses increases. Times New Roman Arial Wingdings Soaring Microsoft ClipArt Gallery PowerPoint Presentation RISK FROM RADIATION EXPOSURE Introduction Risk Ionizing.

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Targets for Biological Radiation Damage • Human tissues are formed from cells that are grouped into organs and systems of the body to perform the many specialized functions • Each cell is defined by a membrane enclosing − Cytoplasm containing up to 85% water − Structures such a nucleus Biological Radiation Effects BIOLOGICAL EFFECTS OF IONIZING RADIATION . Ionizing radiation in very high levels is known to increase the incidence of cancer, birth anomalies, erythema, and other problems. In low levels, these effects are either very, very small compared to natural incidences or non-existent depending on the biological model used for estimating the potential. Also See: Electrophoresis Ppt. Effects of ionizing radiation: If a human body is exposed to any type of radiation like alpha particles, beta particles, gamma rays, and x-rays then it can lethal and harmful. Biological effects of radiation on human type are of two types and those are RADIATION RISK EFFECT EXCESS CASES PER 10,000 EXPOSED PER RADIATION Genetic 2-4 Somatic(cancer) 4-20 In- Utero (cancer) 4-12 In- Utero (all effects) 20-200 View More Presentations Photo cutout effect in PowerPoin An overview of the biological effects of ionizing radiation is given, with attention paid to the: IAEA Diagnostic Radiology Physics: a Handbook for Teachers and Students -chapter 20,4 20.1. INTRODUCTION 20.1.1.Deterministic and stochastic responses Biological effects of radiation in humans occur either i


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  1. Review Biological effects Solutions OUTLINE OF PRESENTATION. prone to ill-effects of electromagnetic radiation 'biological' effects such as cancer and genetic damage from long term low level microwave exposure from mobile phones, masts and many other wireless devices
  2. Biological effect of radiation: In biological effect of radiation, there are many dangerous effects of our health and body. Biological effects of radiation are typically can be divided into two categories. The first category consist of exposure to high doses of radiation over shots period of time producing acute or short term effects
  3. e, and follows a linear curve where a larger dose corresponds to greater damage (the so-called deter
  4. Biological Effect of Radiation. ACADs (08-006) Covered Slideshow 1801476 by gavan. Browse . Biological Effect of Radiation PowerPoint Presentation. Download Presentation. Biological Effect of Radiation 1 / 70. Biological Effect of Radiation. Like.

  1. istic Effects Stochastic Effects Background Radiation Slide 6 Slide 7 Slide 8 NRC Limit
  2. Quality factor is related to relative biological effectiveness of radiation SI unit for equivalent dose is severt (Sv) - dose of absorbed radiation, in Gy, that has same biological effect as dose of one joule of gamma rays absorbed in one kilogram of tissue Sv has replaced the previous unit rem (roentgen equivalent man): 100 rem = 1 Sv.
  3. RADIATION RISK EFFECT EXCESS CASES PER 10,000 EXPOSED PER RADIATION Genetic 2-4 Somatic(cancer) 4-20 In- Utero (cancer) 4-12 In- Utero (all effects) 20-200 View More Presentations Photo cutout effect in PowerPoin
  4. The biological effects of deep space radiation (GCR and SPE) are not well characterized, and these uncertainties prevent appropriately precise and valid probabilistic risk assessments. Much additional work by a wider community or radiation biologists will be required to resolve these uncertainties. PowerPoint Presentation Author: Jacob.
  5. Interaction of Radiation With Biological Matter. Download Presentation (.ppt file) Listen to Audio (.wma file) Watch Video 1 (.mov file) Watch Video 2 (.mov file) Radiation Targets 1. Download Presentation (.ppt file) Listen to Audio (.wma file) Watch Video 1 (.mov file) Watch Video 2 (.mov file) Radiation Targets 2. Download Presentation (.ppt.

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  1. NEPP Webex Presentation -Radiation Effects 101 presented by Kenneth A. LaBel- Apr 21,2004 Radiation Effects and Spacecraft • Critical areas for design in the natural space radiation environment - Long-term effects • Total ionizing dose (TID) • Displacement damage - Transient or single particle effects (Single event effects or SEE
  2. Overview of radiation practices. Biological effects of ionising radiation. Principles of radiation protection and the international framework. Introduction to regulatory control (RSR) Operational protection against radiation exposure. Assessment of external and internal exposures. Transport of radioactive material. Emergency preparedness (IEC
  3. ation vs. Exposure Protection and Biological Effects Atomic Structure of Helium THE HELIUM'S subATOMIC HELIUM ATOM COMPOSITION 2 Protons 2 Neutrons 2 Electrons e- n e- p+ n p+ MASS NUMBER is the total number of protons and neutrons 42 He ATOMIC NUMBER.
  4. NON-PRIMARY RADIATION outside the projection of the RADIATION FIELD. In the PATIENT plane, at distances lateral to the beam axis . 150 500. mm beyond the IRRADIATED . field: The maximum ABSORBED DOSE from all RADIATION TYPES . shall not exceed 0.5 % of the dose that would be delivered at the ER
  5. The biological effect of radiation depends on: The type of radiation. The type of body tissue or body organ that absorbs the radiation. The total amount of energy absorbed. The Effects of Ionising Radiation. Slide 6. Short-term effects usually occur when there's a large amount of exposure to radiation. Short-Term Effects of Radiation. Slide 7.
  6. 3Institute for Integrated Radiation and Nuclear Science, Kyoto University,Japan, 4Comisión Nacional de EnergíaAtómica (CNEA), Argentina and and biological effect should be derived for each irradiation condition individually. PowerPoint Presentation
  7. test radiation (r) compared with 250 kV x-rays is defined D • D 250kV and D r are the doses of x-rays and the test radiation required for equal biological effect r kV D RBE 250 Relative Biological Effectiveness • Because the x-ray and neutron survival curves have different shapes the resultant RBE depends on the level of biologic damage chose
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They are written with a mass and atomic number of 0. Summary, Types of Radiation Biological Effects of Radiation When radiation strikes molecules, electrons may be knocked away, forming unstable ions. If this ionizing radiation passes through the human body, it may interact with water molecules, removing an electron, producing H2O+ Radiation induced biological effects result when x-ray energy is absorbed by the target tissue. Therefore, biological radiation damage is approximately proportional to the 'absorbed dose'. Units of absorbed dose are . rad. This concludes the PowerPoint portion of the training Rem: Biological effect of a rad Radiation Units Conceptually, the 3 units of radiation describedConceptually, the 3 units of radiation described previously are entirely different. However, for the energy ranges used in Diagnostic Radiology, they are approximately equal. 1R ~= 1 Rad ~=1Rem The standard unit of radiation protection is usuall Adaptive radiation. Convergent & divergent evolution. Coevolution. Gradualism. Punctuated equilibrium. all the different alleles, that are present in a population. Large gene pool. High genetic diversity. Increased chances of biological fitness & survival. Small gene pool. Low genetic diversity. PowerPoint Presentation

Biodosimetry is the use of any biological change in an irradiated person that can be sufficiently quantified to indicate their radiation dose * The ideal specification for a biological dosemeter Specific to radiation Low background Low donor variability Low doubling dose Dose response calibration Persistent effect Easy sampling Rapid result. Cosmic radiation: very energetic particles including protons which bombard the earth from outer space. It is more intense at higher altitudes than at sea level where the earth's atmosphere is most dense and gives the greatest protection. PowerPoint Presentation Last modified by 7/22/2014 2 Paganetti et al.: Int.J.Radiat.Oncol.Biol.Phys. 2002; 53, 407 Introduction • The RBE varies with dose, biological endpoint, energy deposition characteristics • The current clinical practice is the use of an RBE = 1.1 • This value is based on measured RBE values in vivo in the center of an SOBP relative to 60Co. Clinical RB 2 organization of the presentations • part 2: typical radiation dose values, risks & dealing with public - n.e.x.t. surveys - reference values - fetal dose calculation guides - review of some biological risks - dealing with the public - with references patient radiation doses in diagnosti Radiation Health and Safety. There are 6 sections that will cover: PPT. Presentation Summary : Radiation Health and Safety. There are 6 sections that will cover: What . I. s Radiation? - How is it classified? What are its biological effects? Radiation

leading to biological effects. Direct and Indirect Effects of Radiation Indirect effect: ionizing radiation generates free radicals from the radiolysis of water These can indirectly form radicals with the target Microsoft PowerPoint - Intro to Radiation Chemistry.ppt View and Download PowerPoint Presentations on Radiation Biology PPT. Find PowerPoint Presentations and Slides using the power of XPowerPoint.com, find free presentations research about Radiation Biology PPT Concept of Radiation Part 1 - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation (.ppt), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. For FUTURE RRT Biological Effect Dose Modifying Factors • Amount of exposure • Duration of exposureDuration of exposure - Given rads over minutes > months or years • Type of radiation - Alpha particles and fission fragments > ionising radiation beta particles or gamma rays • Biological variability - Age (Children > adults

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Biological effects of radiation and their consequences depends strongly on the level of dose rate obtained. Dose rate is a measure of radiation dose intensity (or strength). Low-level doses are common for everyday life. In the following points there are a few examples of radiation exposure, which can be obtained from various sources.. Ionizing vs. Nonionizing Radiation. There is a large difference in the magnitude of the biological effects of nonionizing radiation (for example, light and microwaves) and ionizing radiation, emissions energetic enough to knock electrons out of molecules (for example, α and β particles, γ rays, X-rays, and high-energy ultraviolet radiation) (Figure \(\PageIndex{2}\)) II . Abstract . The overall aim of this study was to investigate the cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in radiation-induced bystander effects in HaCaT cells, predominantly at low PowerPoint Presentation Last modified by: Ranga Created Date: 1/1/1601 12:00:00 AM Document presentation format: On-screen Show Other titles: Times New Roman Wingdings Times Default Design Slide 1 Slide 2 Slide 3 Slide 4 Slide 5 Slide 6 Slide 7 Slide 8 Slide 9 Slide 10 Slide 11 Slide 1 Space Radiation Effects on Electronics presented by Kenneth A. LaBel at 2004 MRS Fall Meeting, Boston, MA - Nov 29, 2004 Radiation Effects and Spacecraft • Critical areas for design in the natural space radiation environment - Long-term effects • Total ionizing dose (TID) • Displacement damage - Transient or single particle effects

Radiation limits to energy innovation is a PowerPoint presentation that can be downloaded and used to inform people about the safety of low level radiation. Abstract Clean, safe, affordable energy from nuclear power can help lift developing nations out of energy poverty and also address global environmental problems from burning fossil fuels Radiation sickness is a complex of pathological changes in the organism, caused by the effect of large doses of ionizing radiation. The character of the disease depends on the penetrability of the radiation, ionising density, type of exposure, time factor, etc. Damage to different organ systems depends on the dose and radio sensitivity of the cells/tissue Biological rhythms, physical wellbeing and mental states are dependent on our electrical brainwave system interacting with the extremely weak electromagnetic fields generated by the Earth's telluric and Cosmic radiations. In a single generation, since the evolution of humankind over millions of year Overview. Radiofrequency (RF) and microwave (MW) radiation are electromagnetic radiation in the frequency ranges 3 kilohertz (kHz) - 300 Megahertz (MHz), and 300 MHz - 300 gigahertz (GHz), respectively. Research continues on possible biological effects of exposure to RF/MW radiation from radios, cellular phones, the processing and cooking of. The designations employed and the presentation of material in this publication do not imply the expression of L. Biological effects of radiation in combination with other physical. chemical or biological agents..... 727 V . Report of the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation.

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biological effect may be hours to years, depending on the type of damage. If cell kill is the result, it may happen in hours to days, when the damaged cell attempts to divide (early effects of radiation). This can result in early tissue reactions (deterministic effects) if many cells are killed Principles of Radiotherapy - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation (.ppt) or view presentation slides online. Yttrium- 90 Oxygen Enhancement Ratio • Is the ratio of the doses necessary to achieve the same biological effect in the presence or absence of oxygen. Late Effects Radiation A Cell phone transmits 1 to 2 Watts of power SAR (Specific absorption rate) - Rate at which radiation is absorbed by human body, measured in watts per kg (W/kg). In USA, max. SAR limit for cell phones is 1.6W/Kg which is for 6 minutes

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  1. Biological effects (hrs - yrs) Death of organism. 11 EPA Radionuclide Risk Coefficients Intake Assumptions Activity in Body Radiation Dose to the Body Dosimetry Models Health Effects Studies Risk ionizing radiation, powerpoint presentation, alpha, beta, gamma.
  2. Radio Frequency Radiation RF energy in the frequency range of LF, MF, HF VHF, UHF or Microwaves is often referred to as radio waves,RF radiation,or RF emis-sions. For the purpose of this discus-sion, the term RF energy is used for all frequencies between 30 kHz and 300 GHz. Some known facts about RF energy are: • The biological effects.
  3. New measurement protocols needed to evaluate high data rate, signal characteristics associated with biological effects and summative effects of multiple radiation sources. NH Schools and Libraries should replace Wi-Fi with hardwired connections Require setbacks for new wireless antennas from residences, businesses, and schools
  4. Radiation-induced bystander effects refer to the presence of radiation-like effects in cells that were not directly hit by radiation, and involve cellular signalling pathways . Radiation-induced genomic instability refers to the increased acquisition rate of alterations or mutations in the genome being transmitted to progeny cells [ 5 ]

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Biological Effects Of Low Level Exposures To Chemical And Radiation Edward J, American Women: Who They Are & How They Live New Strategist Editors, The Easy Ones (Rainbow Murder Mysteries) Charles P. Juraska, The Habs (Brian McFarlane's Original Six) Brian McFarlan ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ Select Download Format Biological Effects Of Radiation Ppt. L2 is the extension of the linear beginning of L1. Radiation can cause immediate effects (radiation sickness), but also long term effects which may occur many years (cancer) or several generations later (genetic effects). Biological effects of radiation result from both direct and indirect action of radiation 1Effective dose. See Radiation Terms for explanation. 2Safe. For these purposes, safe is defined as an activity that is generally considered acceptable. An effect is either nonexistent or too small to observe at this level of radiation dose. PowerPoint Presentation Last modified by: Sharon Hebl Company: Mayo Clinic. Extremely high frequency radiation such as Ultraviolet (UV) and X-rays is called Ionizing Radiation because it is powerful enough to effect changes in the atoms of matter it strikes, by breaking chemical bonds (ionization) , thus altering their chemical and biological nature

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Predicting the effects of radiation on humans during a long-term space mission requires: i) accurate knowledge and modeling of the space radiation environment, ii) calculation of primary and secondary particle transport through shielding materials and though the human body, and iii) assessment of the biological effect of cosmic particles. where it may produce biological damage • The energy deposited per unit mass of the medium is known as the absorbed dose and is a very useful quantity for the prediction of biological effects • The events that result in this absorbed dose and PowerPoint Presentation Author Radiation Effects in Women. Deterministic effects from radiation are those that occur when a certain tissue receives absorbed dose above a specific threshold. Examples of deterministic effects are skin erythema and epilation. Stochastic effects are more long term in nature and can eventually result in malignancy Biological effects at low radiation doses] UNSCEAR Report 2010. Radiation health effects. Application of the effective dose (153) The main and primary uses of effective dose in radiological protection for both occupational workers and the general public are: PowerPoint Presentation Radiation protection. Background modules • Basic principles of nuclear physics • Interaction of radiation with matter • Radiation and dose measurements • Biological effects of ionising radiation • Gamma spectrometry • Standards and legislation • ALARA and safety culture. Expertise modules. Transport of radioactive material

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  1. Exposure to radiation levels in excess of the MPE will result in adverse biological effects, such as injury to the skin and/or eyes. Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE) PowerPoint Presentation Last modified by
  2. To study the effects of the spill, researchers collected deep-water samples from across the Gulf of Mexico and analyzed their physical, chemical, and microbiological properties using a variety of techniques, including synchrotron radiation Fourier-transform infrared (SR-FTIR) spectroscopy at ALS Beamline 1.4.3
  3. The Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) is a publically available gene expression and molecular abundance repository. It is an online resource for gene expression data browsing, query and retrieval. The database contains roughly 200,000 microarray experiments derived from over 100 organisms, addressing a wide range of biological issues
  4. 1. Stochastic effect Tumorigenesis: Sigmodal dose effect and linear dose-rate effect Life shortening: Linear dose effect and parabolic dose-rate effect 2. A-bomb effect: Dose-rate effect ≺2Sv, Dose effect ≻2Sv 3. Biological half -life: Exponential decrease having to reconsider 4. Radiation weighting factor (RBE): Not constant and dose.
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Radiation Effects Stochastic effects: all or none, can result from the effect on a single cell, e.g., cancer. Cannot predict effect on an individual basis; must use populations and risk probabilities. Deterministic effects: severity of the effect increases with increasing dose, e.g., cataracts, erythema The Biological Effects of Radiation in Space. Radiation Effects Stochastic effects: all or none, can result from the effect on a single cell, e.g., cancer. Cannot predict effect on an individual basis; must use populations and risk probabilities. PowerPoint Presentation Author radiation to give the same level of effect, usually cell survival . RELATIVE BIOLOGICAL EFFECTIVENESS (RBE) FOR CELL SURVIVAL RBE is an experimentally measured quantity For shouldered survival curves RBE increases with deceasing PowerPoint Presentation Author

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Chapter 21 Nuclear Chemistry. Protons 2(1.00728 amu = 2.01456 amu Neutrons 2(1.00866 amu = 2.01732 amu mass of He = 4.03188 am effects of low dose, U.S. radiation protection standards are based on the premise that any radiation exposure carries some risk. Naturally Occurring (Background) Radiation. Radon. Radon is a colorless, odorless, tasteless radioactive gas that comes from the decay of Radiation is energy that comes from a source and travels through space and may be able to penetrate various materials in its path. Light, radio, and microwaves are types of radiation that are called nonionizing. The kind of radiation discussed in this document is called ionizing radiation because it can produce charged particles (ions) in. 22.55 Principles of Radiation Interactions Initial Physical Events The initial event is the transfer of ~ 7 - 100 eV, an amount of energy sufficient to cause (multiple) ionizations or excitations in water molecules. Transfer of energy to the medium in biological systems usually involves ionization of a water molecule, but can also involve the cellular macromolecules (e.g., DNA

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With the development of radiotherapeutic oncology, computer technology and medical imaging technology, radiation therapy has made great progress. Research on the impact and the specific mechanism of radiation on tumors has become a central topic in cancer therapy. According to the traditional view, radiation can directly affect the structure of the DNA double helix, which in turn activates DNA. A PowerPoint presentation and the instructor may also supplement these training materials. Proper training is vital for compliance, safe operation, and understanding of the responsibilities of the user of handheld XRF analyzers. Some local Biological Effects of Radiation 7.1. Cell Sensitivit

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Biological effects of radiation. PPT/Lecture 67 Radioactive decay and buildup. Biological effects of radiation. PPT/Lecture 68 Radioactive pollution impacts Written/Presentation - Graded or Non-graded etc) 1 17/08/2017 Bio-monitoring of toxic chemicals - objectives, programs and parameters, concepts of bi Effects on Development Conception to pre-birth Prenatal Effects Conception, zygote (0 to 2 weeks), embryo (2 weeks to 2 months), fetus (2 months to birth) 50% of zygotes are miscarried (mother is unaware) The zygote, embryo, and fetus are susceptible to a variety of teratogens (ionizing radiation, alcohol, drugs, hormones, chemicals, and.

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investigating adverse biological effects, other biological effects, basic mechanisms and indirect effects association between mobile phone radiation and cancer. This finding is consistent with experimental results. There is some evidence for biological effects, which, h necessarily hazardous for humans damage radioactive radiation can do to the human body. They depend on the kind and nature of the incident radiation (X-rays, γ-rays, α-particles, β-particle, or neutrons). It also depends on the energy loss of the particular radiation and the associated ionisation effects in the human body material

PowerPoint Presentation Last modified by: serena debeer george Created Date: 1/1/1601 12:00:00 AM Document presentation format: On-screen Show Other titles: Arial Times New Roman Default Design Slide 1 Slide 2 Slide 3 Slide 4 Slide Ionizing EM Radiation • EM radiation with wavelengths shorter than 100 nanometers can remove electrons from the outer atomic shells. • This process produces ions. • Ions can interact with living tissue to produce biological damage. • A major source of ionizing radiation is nuclear transformation According to the target theory of radiation induced effects (Lea, 1946), which forms a central core of radiation biology, DNA damage occurs during or very shortly after irradiation of the nuclei in targeted cells and the potential for biological consequences can be expressed within one or two cell generations The biological effects of ionizing radiation vary with the type and energy. A measure of the risk of biological harm is the dose of radiation that the tissues receive. The unit of absorbed radiation dose is the sievert (Sv). Since one sievert is a large quantity, radiation doses normally encountered are expressed in millisievert (mSv) or. • Biological effects of laser radiation on the eye and skin • Significance of specular and diffuse reflections • Non-beam hazards of lasers • Laser and laser system classifications • Control measures • Overall responsibility of management and employee Consider awareness training for other laser classes 2